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NMPoetics engages participants in residence, visiting faculty, and visiting artists in annual seminars. Participants are invited to share their thinking and work through discussion and performance. Faculty are invited to lead seminars and mentor participants.

The program is run independently and is tuition-free. Programming, room and board are provided in Ojo Caliente and El Rito, NM.

NMPoetics was founded in 2010 by Daisy Atterbury and co-directed by Genji Amino and Daisy Atterbury from 2011-present. The organizers were joined in 2017 by collaborator Daryl Lucero of Pueblo Resurgents

Former collaborators and program hosts include The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI), St. John’s College (Santa Fe), Northern New Mexico College (El Rito, Espanola), The Kelly Writer’s House (University of Philadelphia), Cliff River Springs and Radical Abicus